The Revision of the Vulgate

The Revision of the Vulgate by The Roman Catholic Church  55 pages

Original year of publication: 1909
Reprinted in the year: 2012

This booklet chronicles the progress of the commission set up by Pope Pius X to revise the official Vulgate edition (known as the "Clementine" edition). The intent was to restore the Vulgate back to what St. Jerome had created back in the 4th century. See the link below to an article about the head of the commision, Abbot Gasquet. The work was completed some years ago and is available in a complete editon- BIBLIA SACRA VULGATA

This edition has received mixed reactions amoung readers of the Vulgate. Some have criticized it as being too much like a medieval manuscript (archaic Latin spelling, no punctuation, etc..) and others have said that it is by far the best edition available since it is the fruit of the the most recent scholarship and manuscript evidence.

I think you will find that most traditional Vulgate readers prefer the Clementine edition since it conincides so closely with the Latin texts of the traditional mass and breviary. It also respects and reflects the natural organic growth of the Vuglate Bible as it was read, prayed from, and studied within the confines of the Catholic Church for hundreds of years.

The Clementine Edition is still available in a varitey of formats.

Printed edition with two editions of the Psalms (traditional Gallican Psalms and Pius XII Psalms) BUY

Printed edition with side by side English translation- BUY

Simple printed edition (economical softcover)- BUY

Free online edition- LINK


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