The Roman Breviary in Latin and English

Finally, the Roman Breviary in Latin and English.

The Roman Breviary in Latin and English
The Roman Breviary in Latin and English by The Roman Catholic Church

Original year of publication: 1963-4
Reprinted in the year: 2012

 After a very long wait since the announcement of it's return (over 5 years, I think) the Roman Breviary is once again available in Latin and English, in one complete edition. Essentially, it is a reprint of the edition that was published by the Liturgical Press in Collegeville, Minnesota but with some modifications. The main changes are as follows- The new edition has been completely re-typeset, the English translations has been modified, images have been added, and the Latin text of the Psalms was changed from the Pope Pius XII Psalms to the traditional Vulgate Psalms (called the Gallican Psalter). Re-typesetting was necessary for three reasons. To create a new, clean text for reprinting. To correct errors in the original text. And of course, if one is to replace whole parts of the text with different ones, this would never work for a facsimile edition. Also, it was necessary to modify the English so that it closer matched the Latin Psalms and Canticles (and other readings from Scripture) that were changed in the new edition. The addition of images was a very smart move on the publisher's part. This gives the Breviary a more authentic, Liturgical feel. The exclusion of images is a relatively novel idea which in my opinion is the wrong direction to go when publishing Liturgical books. Lastly- The replacement of the Pius XII Psalms with Gallican Psalms was a must for many reasons.

 My own conclusion. This Breviary is a monumental work for the traditional movement in the Catholic Church. It aids in the accessibility of the texts of the Roman Breviary to all. So many people, even in traditional circles, are intimidated by all-Latin Breviaries.This publication will ease the intimidation. Often times the rubrics are the biggest challenge in praying the Divine Office, not the Latin text of the prayers. The fact that these tomes have the rubrics in English is a big plus. The price is very steep for those on a tight budget. Save your pennies if this is something you desire, it will 'pay you back' every time you pick it up and read the Holy Words of the Divine Office.

If I only had one criticism, it would be this- That the rubrics are only given in English. Even though I just praised the fact that the English rubircs were a plus, it is unfortunate that the original Latin rubrics were not included in the typesetting.

For a full description with page samples, pricing and availability, go to the Baronius website- Baronius Press

This Breviary has been reviewed by both Fr. Z and the New Liturgical Movement blog. Links to those reviews are given below.

Fr Z's Review

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I have posted some pictures below. As you can see, the Breviary set also includes a free book on how to pray the Breviary by Fr. Bernard Hausmann and some insert prayer cards and booklets with commonly said prayers of the office on them (in Latin and English)


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