De Imitatione Christi


De Imitatione Christi by Thomas a Kempis  332 pages

Original year of publication: 1902
Reprinted in the year: 2010

We are proud to offer the Imitation of Christ (De Imitatione Christi) in the original Latin. This treasured work of Thomas a Kempis is now available in a economical, accessible format. There are many editions of English translations of the Imitation in print- take your pick!  Like any translation, the original meaning can become clouded or distorted depending on how literal the translation is.  Since Latin is a "second language" for Roman Catholics, it is fitting that we should find ourselves able to read the great spiritual work of Thomas a Kempis in the original Latin. We consulted several different Latin editions of this work before choosing this one, which was published by Desclee in 1902. 

Since we have been unable to produce a high-quality reprint from the original edition we obtained, we have decided to re-typeset this book.  This valuable work needs to be preserved in a totally new typesetting, proper to it's importance and value throughout history. This may take us several months to a year to complete, but fortunately you do not have to wait that long to obtain this honored text. We have decided to go ahead and release the facsimile edition as-is, in expectation of the newly typeset edition which is forthcoming. We will also be offering a totally free download of the entire work, as a pdf e-book. Download it. The e-book is bookmarked for easy navigation from book to book and chapter to chapter.

 We are offering the printed edition in two different sizes.  Both in softcover, one in pocket size and one in large print.

Another thing we would like to mention is that De Imitatione Christi is also available from the Family of St. Jerome as an audio book (9 compact discs) Go to this link, click on the "VENALIA" link on the lower left, and then scroll to item number 20.

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