CAEREMONIALE In Missa, Privata et Solemni

CAEREMONIALE In Missa, Privata et Solemni
CAEREMONIALE In Missa, Privata et Solemni by C. Callewaert, J.C.D.  314 pages

Original year of publication: 1941
Reprinted in the year: 2009

Though Fr. Camelius Aloysius Callewaert (1866-1943) was one of the most frequently cited rubrical authorities of the 20th century, nonetheless, his books have been nearly impossible to obtain for many years.  His Caeremoniale in Missa, Privata et Solemni is especially noted for its systematic and thorough treatment of the general principles of ceremonies and for providing the ascetical explanations for the various actions and gestures, which otherwise, would appear as mere ritualistic motion.


As cited in The Book of Ceremonies by Very Rev. Laurence O’Connell and Fr. Walter Schmitz (Bruce, Milwaukee 1958):


This [book] is perhaps the clearest description of all ordinary ceremonies and is written by an outstanding authority.  (…) [This book gives] a comprehensive treatment of rubrics and ceremonies.  Callewaert is unusual for his depth of treatment.  He gives the meaning and reason behind ceremonies whenever useful and always lists carefully his sources.  His book is written in Latin and, unfortunately, is not published in this country [it is now!].  We recommend it without reservation.


Besides its intrinsic value as a rubrical guide, the reproduction of this book was also seen necessary in light that the original copies were quickly deteriorating, as due to being printed during the Second World War, high-acidic paper was used (resulting in dark browning and brittleness).  The hi-resolution scans were meticulously cleaned of background noise and original printing imperfections, thereby resulting in a high-quality printing.  The book cover was also matched to the original, though the original dismal dark matte gray cover stock was substituted for a more elegant light gray leatherette stock.


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