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1962 Psalter Chart1962 Psalter Chart

We created this download so that any Bible can be used a “short breviary”. The table contains the entire order of the Psalter of the 1962 Roman Breviary for all seven canonical hours of the divine office for all seven days of the week. Page one is the table itself and page two contains some explanatory notes and 5 footnotes from the table. Print page one first, then print page two on the back of page one. Trim the edges, then fold it and place it in your bible. Now you can pray the Psalter where you and your bible are. Great for someone who does not want to carry their valuable breviary outdoors.

Breviary BookmarkBreviary Bookmark

We created this download for anyone who wishes to pray the “Before” and “After” Divine Office prayers, but does not have them included within their Breviary. They are given in both Latin and English. It consists of a single page pdf that can be printed, cut out, pasted back to back, and then laminated.

Breviary ErrataBreviary Errata

This download will be useful for anyone using the 2 volume 1961 edition of the Breviarium Romanum including the Vulgate Psalter printed by Mechliniae H. Dessain. This edition of the breviary was reprinted in 1995 by the FSSP and reprinted again in 2007. It is being distributed by Preserving Christian Publications. The download consists of a 6 page pdf file that lists the “errata” (errors) that occurred in the printing. Some of the errors are typographical. Others are formatting errors and some are printing anomalies. It was taken from the 2007 edition of the FSSP ordo.

Learning the New BreviaryLearning the New Breviary by Bernard A. Hausmann, S.J.

This book will be helpful to anyone using the 1962 edition of the Breviarium Romanum. It will walk you through the rubrics of the divine office with ease. To purchase this book, please visit Preserving Christian Publications.

Biblia Sacra Vulgatae Editionis, Desclee, 1901 (Clementine Vulgate)Biblia Sacra Vulgatae Editionis, Desclee, 1901 (Clementine Vulgate)

Here is the complete Latin Vulgate bible that we are proposing to reprint. Thanks to Google Books, the complete text has been scanned and made available on the web. Although not suitable for use in publishing, this file will give you a look at the entire text.

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