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We have attempted to reprint books that will be of especially good use to the student of Ecclesiastical Latin. Except for books which we have noted in their particular description, all of our books have been scanned by a professional scanning service. The original or “host” books have been disassembled by cutting off the binding and fed page by page into a high resolution scanner. This insures even scanning with no dark or faded spots on the pages. We have chosen to publish most of our books in a softcover format because it is cheap and they can be produced quickly by the publisher. We have implemented the hardcover format for a few books because the page limits are higher for this format. Such is the case with the 2 volume Concordance to the Vulgate. We chose the hardcover format so that this book could be offered in 2 volumes. It would have been 3 in a softcover. We also offer the hardcover format as an option to the softcover on a few books.

We are interested in knowing if you have any books dealing with Ecclesiastical Latin that you would like to see reprinted. Although there is no guarantee we can reprint them, we are open for suggestions for new projects. Please email your book suggestions to churchlatin at gmail dot com.

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