The Unfinished Vulgate Project of John Henry Nash

In the midst of a search for vintage versions of the Latin Vulgate, an interesting book passed before my eyes. I had seen it in past searches but it had never caught my attention until now. A little book called Chapter Nine: The Vulgate Bible and Other Unfinished Projects of John Henry Nash by Robert D. Harlan was now the subject of my interest. Who was John Henry Nash? What is meant by "unfinished"? I ordered a copy of the book and proceeded to read it....

To make a long story short, John Henry Nash (1871-1947) was a very well known typographer who had dreamed for years of doing an exquisite edition of the Holy Bible in Latin. A variety of factors prevented him from ever finishing it- Age and poor health, the Depression, lack of investors, etc... It would have been a fine edition, had it ever been finished. Consider this page a tribute to the man who never achieved what he considered to be his magnum opus. Maybe someday, someone will pick up where John Henry Nash left off......

I have made available 2 scans of his proposed work. The title page and one leaf from Genesis. PDF

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